Real Desktop 1.49 standard | 7.85Mb
In this version, you can enjoy advanced-functionality. Customize the design of real-desktop by selecting your personal wallpaper as a wall-image, use advanced features such as the re-sizing icons, drop files into folders, change the camera angle and much more!


# Functionality
* Change the size of the icons
* Automatically rotate icons into normal orientation
* File names automatically fade in/out
* Show or hide filenames
* Move files directly into folders
* Positions backup of desktop icons
* Drag & Drop

# Performance
* Support for Multiple Monitors
* 3D Sound
* Antialiasing option
* No performance loss when icons are at rest
* Uses very few resources
* Very efficient, thanks to the "Reality Engine"

# Design

* Reflective surfaces
* Several wastebasket styles
* Different themes
* Icons surfaces reflect the rest of the environment
* Choose any wallpaper to display as a picture on the wall, which is displayed full-screen with inactivity
* Different background and icon styles
* Integrate your own graphics
* Advanced lighting settings

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