McAfee Encrypted USB Manager 3.1.2 | 54,4 MB
USB drives are small, portable, and provide incredible amounts of storage space. They’re a dream for users—but a security nightmare for IT staff. McAfee Encrypted USB offers data protection in the form of powerful encryption technology combined with strong access controls, so that only authorized users can read the information stored on USB drives.

* Mitigate your risk of a data loss disaster
Use McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices to help avoid brand damage, customer distrust, noncompliance penalties, competitive disadvantage, and financial losses
* Protect data with powerful encryption
Protect data stored on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices with automated, transparent AES-256 encryption that requires no end-user interaction or training
* Control data access with strong authentication
Use built-in user access control to restrict and authorize who can read data stored on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices
* Streamline device management
Use centralized management to deploy, track, and manage McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices on a company-wide scale, saving time, effort, and money
* Achieve compliance goals
Implement and enforce company-wide security polices that ensure data stored on devices is protected if they are lost or stolen; use extensive auditing capabilities to prove the device was encrypted at the time that it was lost

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