IncrediTools Intro And Banner Studio 1.2

IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio is a very easy and powerful tool to create a Flash animated intro and banner without any Flash knowledge using a wizard-driven user interface with no need to write any script.

IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio supports various text effects grouped into two categories. The first category are text effects which animate the text as a whole, such as Slide In, Fade, Zoom, Spin, Expand, Dissolve and Mask effects. The second category animates individual text characters such as Typewriter,Twister, Squeesh, Race, Haze, and many more. The effect settings window allows you to customize the effect behavior to create varieties of new effects which look completely different.

Support 100+ text effects
Screen Shots
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Select various background style
Customize your animation
Direct text manipulation
WYSIWYG preview window
Add a background music
Built-in image and music compression tools
Click action command
Add a layer effect