DFX 9 Audio Enhancement.
Incredibly Easy To Use. Simply turn on DFX and be amazed at the added sound clarity and punch that your media player provides.
    * 3D Surround Sound
      Immerse yourself inside the music
    * Stereo Ambience
      Renew lost stereo depth and body
    * Dynamic Audio Boost
      Pump up the volume
    * Headphones Optimization
      Hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
    * Customizable Audio Presets
      Select from many factory-tuned settings or create your own


    * Booming HyperBass
      Produce deeper, richer bass
    * High Fidelity Restoration
      Eliminate that "muffled" sound
    * Spectrum Analyzer
      "See" DFX enhance your sound
    * Multiple Processing Modes
      Optimize sound quality for music, speech and other audio types
    * Customizable Skins
      Choose from hundreds of amazing free skins or create your own


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