Amazing Google search tricks and tips

Once you find out the tips for Google search then it can be a magical experience for you. Making it efficient by using amazing tricks and it does provide you quick result whatever you actually require. I hand out  you amazing tricks here.  

1.Google Calculator: If you want to work on Google calculator so put your type of an equation and enter search you get the result. Like Example: 2*4 - 13*7 + 1333 after click on search and will you get result. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, to the power of, and square root of a number.

2.Dictionary Definitions: You can get easily the definition of any word within a second by just typing “define:” For Example: define: chess. You get its definition.

3.Search for a specific title: Suppose you seen remarkable website in past but you forgets to bookmark the site and want to find it again. You can find out it easily by the Google just type Example: “intitle: then the title” and get the result.

4. Google Converter: It is very wonderful if you want to convert something from one unit to another unit use this one and find quiets result. Type like for Example: “7km in miles” and it will do conversion for you.

5. Compare Currencies: If you want to know rate of any currency within a second so use currency converter its help you a lot. Just type For Example: “5 USD in CAD” and click on search it will be convert.

6. Weather Updates: You want to know weather of any area in the world just type for Example: “Delhi weather” and you easily get the situation of particular area.

7. Search for specific file types: If you want to find out certain difficult file so don’t be worry about it just type for Example: “ filetype: doc” It will find out file in form of word document.

  •     PDF - service oriented architecture filetype: pdf
  •     PPT - service oriented architecture filetype: ppt
  •     DOC - service oriented architecture filetype: doc

8. Search on a particular website:
Want to search a particular website from Google so type for Example: “007 DVD site:” and it will be search for you

9. Get the local time anywhere:
You can get the time of any place within a type of like Example: “time Delhi” And get it easily any where.

10. Remove unwanted search results:
Have you ever wanted to search for something in particular but wanted to remove some of the search results?  You can do this by type something after the search term to remove it from the search results.  Example: Harry Potter -movie. If you remove movie after the result of search you get it again with books, news, movie etc.  

11. Search for URLs: If you want to search something in URL so you can type for Example: What are doing right now. .  This would search for URLs that included those words.

12. Track Flight Status: Want to know about the particular flight status. So you can do simple thing just type airline and flight number to get the status. For Example: Jet airways flight 2. And get the status of your finger point.

13. Search Google Groups by the subject line: You can easily search Google groups by the type of like Example: “insubject:then topic here” and get the group with your subject line.

14. Find Related Sites: You want to find out your subject related sites so just type like this for Example: “related:”. Use this site for your essential subject matter and find out related sites just in second.

15. Find Links to a specific URL: This is very useful to finding out backlines of your website. So you just type for Example: “link:” and you will get results of the websites that link back to yours.

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