Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar), an exchange student in Tokyo, Japan, is sent to her first assignment to care for an elderly American woman whose nurse didn't show up for work. After getting lost, Karen finally locates the house. The front door is open and Karen enters the home, and finds the house in a mess and apparently empty. Soon she discovers her patient Emma (Grace Zabriskie), the American woman who has been lost in a catatonic state for years, lying on the floor in the downstairs bedroom. Karen takes care of Emma and begins to clean up the house. Karen hears a noise upstairs and finds a young boy and black cat in a closet. She calls her boss and tells him the strange things that she has found. A supernatural force, 'the Grudge,' begins to frighten Karen and Emma, and then we have a flash back of the evil that was born in that house several years earlier. 'The Grudge' is known in Japan as a curse of one who dies in the grip of a powerful rage. Anyone who encounters the grudge is cursed to die horribly. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

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