Sumanth, Kriti Kharbandha, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Sudha and others.
Art: Anand Sai.
Banner: Green Mangoes Cinema.
Cinematography: L. Andrew.
Editing: MR Varma.
Styling: Nikki Gogula.
Music & Producer: Ramana Gogula.
Director: Raj Pippalla.
Release Date: June 12, 2009.

Kriti Kharbandha and SumanthBoni marks the debut of Raj Pippalla as a director and music director Ramana Gogula as the producer. Boni in Telugu is the first offering though it has an entirely different meaning in the film.

The film begins with a flashback of two kids living in an orphanage who exhibit deviant behavior. The cook (Sudha) is affectionate to them and is seemingly an expert in making tamarind rice. So when she passes away, the youngsters resolve to pool in money and some day put up an eatery that specializes in tamarind rice. The kids grow up working hard on accumulating the money but it's stolen one day. The young men now want to replenish their account by making a quick buck. They join a local goon JP Reddy and he gives them the first assignment of kidnapping a minister's (Ahuti Prasad) daughter Pragati (Kriti). She is perhaps the Boni for the young men and one of them even addresses her as Boni.

Pragathi is associated with an NGO and when her father refuses to give the money she needs to help farmers deprived of their land, she hatches a plan with her friend to be kidnapped. She is now under the impression that the orphan hero DD (Sumanth) has kidnapped her on her friend's advice. JP Reddy returns and reminds DD of his job and the lead pair run. The climax reveals the real person who has conspired to kill Pragati.

The film is disappointing to anyone who believed the actors or the unit saying that Boni is a hatke film. It has an arid beginning and a torturous end. All you get to see in between is an unimaginative screenplay with a bunch of characters looking weak, lethargic moving around a few sets uttering uninspiring dialogues.

Sumanth's work is listless, newcomer Kriti is refreshing but she has come up with bland expressions. Jayaprakash Reddy is irritatingly loud. The plot is ludicrous and technical part is the saving grace. Except the marketing, everything about the film is ridiculously wrong. This is a pitiable Boni, an ambitious title but no sincere execution