Zompocalypse Episode One v1.5

This is a pretty cool zombie killing game, it reminds me of some of the games we played on the Super Nintendo or the PSX.Full of blood, guts, piss, and more blood, this is sure to satisfy the bloodlust of any young and upcoming serial killer.Toss in frequent cussing and the only thing missing is hardcore zombie gang bangs, I guess they are saving that for episode 2.

Features of Zompocalypse Episode One:
* Multiple stages of frenetic zombie blasting action. Just watch out for cars and the trains, they stop for nobody!
* Co-op 2 player mode. Grab a friend and bust some zombie heads together!
* Six weapons with which to rain down eternal justice upon the undead hordes. Including the most sought after of all zombie destroying implements - The Rocket Launcher. Can you say “Gib Storm”?
* Level up your character AND your weapons for great power and speed!
* Three boss zombies, including the deadly and mystical “Zombie Pope of Harlem”.
* Two in game characters to choose from, including Sergeant Chuck McPain and Captain John Smackdown!
* Multiple game levels of increasing difficulty. Can you become the “Zombie Jesus”?
* Online scoreboard to prove who is the greatest zombie smasher.
* Gamepad support, including support for Xbox 360 wireless controllers (dongle sold separately!)
* More music, better graphics, more everything!

#System Requirements

* Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista
* 1Ghz CPU
* OpenGL 1.2 Supporting Video card
* 256MB Ram
* 20MB Hard drive space