What started as an innocent, peaceful protest has now escalated into a full-scale riot! As commander of an elite squad of riot troops,

trained and dedicated to bringing large scale situations to a peaceful conclusion as quickly as possible, it is up to you to get the rioting public under control!

Teamwork and communication are your most valuable weapons; however, employment of your non-lethal arsenal and armor are vital to your troops safety and completion of their mission

* Command 6 different fully armored riot police units:

* Standard Riot Police

* Heavy Riot Police

* Mounted Police

* Suppressors

* Enforcers

* Water Cannon

* Utilize various units in conjunction with one another to gain the upper hand

* 16 unique missions, based on actual riots from around the world

* Level progression not only becomes more difficult, but the crowd behaviors grow increasingly complex in their actions and reactions

to the Riot Polices attempts to disuade them.

Format- .iso