Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure v1.0

May 10, 2009

A few months have passed since Susan`s ordeal in the museum, and she`s been in no hurry to greet danger again. But when a prized notebook arrives at her office from an anonymous source, both her interest, and her suspicions are raised. The information contained within is too valuable to ignore. Soon she`s off traveling the world, solving puzzles and tracking down mysterious clues in search of the most renown treasures of history and legend.

Game features:
• Puzzles wicked and intuitive.
• Explore world-spanning sites.
• Hidden treasures and danger!

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 6
• 600 MHz
• 128 MB RAM

Resolution: 800x600 Fullscreen/Windowed

Size : 92 MB



May 10, 2009




Dragon Ball Evolution (2009)

May 7, 2009

The young warrior Son Goku sets out on a quest, racing against time and the vengeful King Piccolo, to collect a set of seven magical orbs that will grant their wielder unlimited power.


Mr Bean RIP[101 MB]

May 7, 2009

Explore the hilarious world of Mr Bean and friends, as you accompany your favourite comedy character on more exciting adventures in this fabulous new PC game. Based on the popular series from Tiger Aspect Productions, the hopelessly daft but delightful Mr Bean embarks on a search for Teddy and invites you along for the ride. Side-splitting story, simple controls, fun tasks and fabulous gameplay - join Mr Bean and have fun like you've never known before.


* Operating System Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP
* Pentium III 1.0 GHz (or equivalent)
* 64 MB RAM
* Video card with 32 MB RAM 3D Acceleration
* Sound card: 16 - bit Directx 9.0
* Quad-speed CD
* Keyboard and mouse peripherals are compatible with MS (supports joystick / knob)
* 440 MB hard disk space for installation of the game
* DirectX version 8.1

Whats Ripped?
Nothing...just highly compressed



The Last Remnant RIP[3.9 GB]

May 7, 2009

In ancient times, mysterious artefacts referred to as Remnants were discovered all over the world. Offering incredible power,they soon came into the hands of the covetous few, and thus was the world's delicate equilibrium shattered. The people were divided into those who ruled and those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. Our story begins a thousand years later

Rush lives with his sister Irina on the secluded Eulam Island, a place far removed from the ceaseless battle for control over the Remnants which rages on the mainland. However,his peaceful life is shattered one day when he witnesses his sisters abduction by a mysterious group of soldiers.He immediately sets off after them, ill-prepared for the evils of the outside world but determined to find his sister at any cost

Whats Ripped?
Nothing...just highly compressed (needs 1 GB Ram + 18 GB Free Disk)


Links are password

Installation Instructions:

1. Unrar and burn or mount image

2. Install the game and play!


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