Do you have the guts to put your ride on the line? In the Fast and the Furious: Street “it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile,” to score street cred and your opponent’s car. Fill up your garage with some choice wheels if you win, but be prepared to take the bus home if you loose. Now test your street racing talents on mobile in 4 different types of races: drift racing, drag racing, point 2 point and police chase.

Believe it or not but The Fast and The Furious is mobiles biggest selling franchise with over 13 million downloads. With figures like that, it’s no surprise that Iplay have brought this fifth title. Unlike other developers, they haven’t rested on their laurels and brought out a quick and easy sequel. Instead we have a fast, smooth driving game with plenty of improvements.

As before, the game is all about underground racing and this time the game is split into 4 distinct challenges; drift race, road race, drag race and finally a cop chase. Each event has slightly different controls and different tactics need to be used to succeed.

There are two main aims in Arcade mode; firstly win all the races and secondly win all the cars. For each race, apart from cop chase, you must put your car on the line and bet your pink slip (your vehicle registration document or V5 in the UK) against one of the other racers. If you beat them to the finish line then their car goes in your garage and is free for you to choose for later races. Lose the race and you lose your car (you can always select restart before you cross the finish line if you think you might lose).

There are 16 events in total but 32 cars to win and even my simple brain realises that you need to race some events more than once if you want to unlock everything. It would be a little boring if all 32 cars drove the same so Iplay have introduced some stats to mix things up. The stats breakdown into ratings for their drift, drag and racing abilities. Naturally you must consider these when selecting your and your opponents cars and give yourself the best chance of winning the bet.

Archive includes:

* Fast and Furious Streets 1.1.5.S60v3.N95.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 1.1.0.SE.W580i.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 1.0.3.SE.K750i.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 240×320.v1.0.7.S60v3.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 176×208.v1.1.0.S60v3.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 1.1.3.S60v2.J2MEv2
* Fast and Furious Streets 352×416.v1.0.8.S60v3.J2ME
* Fast and Furious Streets 240×320.v1.0.3.S40v3.J2ME

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