Foosball Maniac 1.0 | 8.53 MB

Foosball Maniac is a realistic 3D foosball game for the PC. It contains challenging computer-controlled opponents even for the very best players on the planet.
Do you love foosbal? Do you also want to play it when you are alone in your room? Then this game is for you. Be prepared for the adrenaline rush!

Warning: Foosball Maniac is a very hard game! In fact, it is famous for being very hard. Only play it, if you really like challenges!
Although it is family friendly, it is more hardcore than most FPS games. While the first opponents are weak, you need some practice to control the rods well. Even if you control the rods easily, don't expect to beat the 'later' opponents very soon. They are challenging also for the very best players. In fact at the time of this writing it is even not sure whether the best Artifical Intelligence controlled opponent 'John the king' can be beaten by any human being or not! Up to now noone has beaten 'him', because 'he' is so fast.

Download below: