Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Placement Papers | ISRO Interview Questions

The Government of India set up Space Commission and Department of Space (DOS) in June 1972. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) under DOS executes Space Program, through their company in different cities in India. The main purpose of the space program includes development of satellites, launch vehicles, sounded the missiles and associated ground systems.

Here are some examples of questions that were asked to interview candidates in ISRO interview. There will be 8 to12 sitting in an interview panel. One or two members to be quiet and observe you will not ask any question. Get more info, click Here.

Address :
ISRO : Indian Space Research Organisation
Antariksh Bhavan
New BEL Road, Bangalore 560 094, INDIA
Phone : +91- 80-2341 5275 & 2341 5474
Fax : +91-80-2341 2253

ISRO Placement Papers

Discipline : Computer Science
Total no of questions: 80
Total sections : 1
Duration: 90 minutes
Marking: +3 for correct answer -1 for wrong
Mode : Offcampus
Discipline Wise Questions

Questions on

Stack & Queue concept
Binary Tree
Full adder / subtrecter ckt
Data structure basics
C funda
Page fault and other computer architech. fundamentals
Internet basics
Sin Cosine waves based questions

ISRO Placement Papers and ISRO Interview Questions

1.The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on n vertices is
a) n-1  b)c) n+1  d) none of these

2.A full binary tree with n non leaf nodes contains
a) n nodes  b) log n nodes  c) 2n-1 nodes d) 2n nodes

3.The time complexity of shell sort
a) O(n)  b) O(log n)  c) O(n 1.2 )  d)O(n2)

4.The time taken to insert an element after an element pointed by some pointer
a) O(1)  b) O(log n)  c) O(n)  d) O(nlogn)

5. what is the name given to the first generation computer?
a) Binary language  b) Machine language  c) Assembly language 

6.The root directory of a disk should be placed
a) at a fixed address in main memory  b) at a fixed location on disk  c) anywhere on disk.

7.A top down parser generates
a) right most derivation  b) left most derivation  c) right most derivation in reverse  d) left most derivation in reverse

8.what is the name of the OS that reads and reacts in terms of actual time?
a) batch system  b) time sharing  c) real time

9.FDDI is a
a) ring network  b) star network  c) mesh network

10.Computer memory consists of
a) ROM  b) PROM  c) RAM  d) all the above


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